Mini Tennis


Mini tennis is a specially designed program for kids, which formulates personality, teaches how to be a fast thinker, quick learner and right decision maker among kids.

Tennis provides

- proportional development of kids’ muscle system,

- improves flexibility, mobility,

- forms strategic thinking and much more.

Besides, tennis builds self-confidence, provides qualified friend environment and ensures lifetime recreational activity.

The program is elaborated for 2 age categories:

-  for 3-8 aged kids - Mini tennis red.

The club provides small red courts, appropriate net and comfortable soft colorful balls. And our tennis coaches, having experience in working with kids, will teach tennis through fun games ensuring your kids’ high mood.

-  for 8-10 aged kids - Mini tennis orange

In comparison with red courts, orange ones are bigger and wider, the balls are tougher. Due to our professional coaches your kids will get to know the techniques and tactics of tennis while having fun becoming more organized and confident.